The Orion™ Series – Doppler Weather Radar Systems
(U.S. Patent # 7,365,696)

Orion Radar SystemRedefining Solid State

High-performance, high-reliability, and long life were key design goals in the development of the Orion Series. We design & build every major RF component within every Orion.

Our intelligent design techniques have eliminated many common mechanical and electronic components resulting in the ultimate integrated, lightweight, versatile single-package solution. All Orion systems take full advantage of the latest in electronic and microwave device technology. WDS also designs and manufactures its own pulsed High-Power Solid-State Power Amplifiers based on the latest GaN (gallium nitride) HEMT transistor technology. This important technology advancement is the keystone of every Orion.

Key Features

  • High-power solid-state patented design
  • Rugged proven reliability
  • Superior performance
  • Long life
  • Research-grade data integrity and accuracy
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Lowest life cycle costs especially over conventional vacuum tube radars
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • All radar data products are compatible with the most popular display packages
  • Available in Single- or Dual-Polarization C-Band or S-Band
  • Dual-Polarization systems have two transmitters
  • Lowest RF emission high performance radar on the market
  • No dangerous, hard to maintain, high voltage power supplies
  • Tight spectrum management
  • Equipped with the most advanced Doppler signal processor Vaisala RVP900
  • All radar components are antenna mounted eliminating the need for a ground building, bulky high-loss waveguide runs, pressurization, and VSWR tuning issues
  • Equipped with precision composite antenna that guarantees dimensional stability over the entire surface
  • Made in the USA

As a designer and manufacturer, we’re able to meet your specific radar needs and monetary considerations. Our lineup of advanced pulsed high-power solid-state Doppler radar systems includes a variety of power ranges, wave-lengths, and aperture sizes (up to 25-feet).

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