S-Band Orion Solid-State Technical Advantages

On May 6, 2011 the FCC revised its frequency table of allocations allowing S-Band and upper S-Band for land mobile radio location enabling privately licensed long-range weather surveillance Doppler within the frequency range of 3.0 GHz to 3.55 GHz. When this frequency range is combined with a 6.2 m antenna the result is a very high-performance Doppler radar with NEXRAD characteristics. The performance characteristics and design of the Orion provide an easy integration with the existing NEXRAD network. The optimal gap-filler radar.

The Orion incorporates a patented design in single- or dual-polarization operation using an integrated radiator approach with the same fundamental system design as the Raytheon SSAR-9 airport surveillance radar. WDS designs & builds every major RF component within every Orion including our own pulsed high-power solid-state power amplifier. There are many significant advantages of an Orion S-band solid-state system in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness.

All Orion radar components are part of the rotating antenna structure eliminating bulky high-loss waveguide runs, pressurization, and VSWR tuning issues. Upper S-band wave lengths, very close to current WSR-88D, yield data sets extremely compatible with the NWS radar matrix infrastructure. A distinct and important advantage over C-band.

S-Band Advantages

• Less attenuation – 6-times less susceptible to intervening rain attenuation than C-band
• Superior velocity measurements for doing true Doppler
• Less band congestion and coordination issues
• Superior cross-pol isolation for doing dual-polarization observations (when equipped)
• S-band characterization – 10 cm wavelength/3.0 GHz to 3.55 GHz
• C-band characterization – 5 cm wavelengths/5.3 FHz to 5.60 GHz

Antenna Profile
Antenna profile of “upper S-band” system operating at 3.5 GHz
Antenna Aperture = 6.2 meters

3dB Half Power Point

The higher frequency S-band antenna performance compares very favorably to the current WSR-88D with beam widths of .95 to 1.0 degrees.

All specifications subject to change without notice.

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