Orion™ Solid-State Technical Description

The Orion is a coherent pulsed antenna-mounted radar that uses no RF-rotary joints or radioactive gas limiter for receiver protection. Orion’s core components include a research-grade Vaisala RVP900 Doppler signal processor, frequency-agile RF exciter/receiver, and an extremely robust solid-state transmitter. This innovative combination yields a very high-resolution, low-emission, state-of-the-art system. The Orion is well suited for all commercial, military, and specialized missions that demand the highest performance and reliability.

Transmitter – Brief Technical Specifications

Frequency  5.3 GHz to 5.6 GHz (C Band) 2.9 GHz to 3.55 GHz (S-Band)
Type  GaN – based SSA (coherent solid-state amplifier)
Peak power  (scaleable)
Duty cycle  10%
PRF  300 to 3000
Staggered/interlaced scheme:  Yes
Pulse width  .5μs to 150μs

Receiver Specifications – Typical

Single-stage Heterodyne design
Frequency range 5.3 to 5.6 GHz (C-Band) 2.9 to 3.55 GHz (S-Band)
Dynamic range >100 dB
Noise figure @ 1MHz   2.0dB
Noise power @ receiver input-127 dBm
Staggered/interlaced scheme:  Yes
IF = 60 MHz (standard) options include 72 MHz and 100 MHz

Antenna Options

4 to 20-foot precision composite parabolic reflector options
Single-, or Dual-Polarization feeds
Cross pol isolation (when equipped) > 42 dB.

Antenna Pedestal Specifications

Azimuth 360º continuous
Azimuth speed 45º/sec (7 RPM)
Azimuth acceleration/deceleration  38º/sec
Elevation  -2º to +90º
Elevation rate 38º/sec
Position accuracy  .1º
Scanning routine capabilities 360º Azimuth continuous
Azimuth: Sector
RHI programmable routine
Volume scan: programmable routine

Signal Processing Specifications – RVP900

First IF digital receiver as a networked Ethernet device. The PC bus-less architecture allows the fastest PC’s to be used in the signal processing role creating more real-time processing possibilities. The RVP900 contains all of the functionalities of the RVP8 PCI cards and IFD on a single printed circuit board. The most technologically advanced Doppler processor available.

Basic Moments:

C uncorrected reflectivity
Cz corrected reflectivity (ground returns removed)
V radial velocity
W spectral width (associated with wind shear and turbulence)
Pulse pair mode time domain processing
DFT/FFT mode frequency domain processing
Random phase mode for 2nd trip filtering
Polarization mode processing
Range Resolution: Minimum spacing of 25 m configurable in N*8.33 steps
Max Range: 1024 Km
Number of Range Bins: 8024 Max

Dual-Polarization Moments:


Orion Series dual-polarization radar have control over phase and frequency allowing transmissions in circular RH, circular LH, and slant 45. Our ability to incorporate frequency diversity yeilds much greater dual-pol isolation between channels (Cross-pol isolation). Commercially available dual-pol systems that have only one transmitter do not have this capability.


System Packaging – Self-contained integrated radiating structure

Primary Power Requirement – 240 VAC single phase 12.5 amp

All specifications subject to change without notice.