Over 20 Years of Innovation

Weather Detection Systems was incorporated in 1992 to focus on the artistry, design, and manufacturing of Doppler weather radar systems. Drawing on our 20-plus years experience, we have taken Doppler weather radar technology to the next level with the Orion Series. Our highly integrated packages provide unrivaled reliability, outstanding performance, and the lowest cost of ownership offered worldwide. Our application of aerospace technologies encompassing light-weight, high-power density architecture take full advantage of the latest discrete components from the microwave industry.

 Next generation design products:

  • The Orion Series – Doppler Weather Radar Systems
  • Solid-State High-Power RF Amplifiers
  • RF Sub-Sections
    • Low Phase Noise Reference Exciters and Receiver Sections
    • Microwave Power Modules


Richard Smeltzer, founder, Weather Detection Systems, Inc.

President and Owner

Richard Smeltzer (Radar Rick), President and Owner since WDS’ inception in 1992, has gained industry wide recognition and respect as an RF-engineer and innovator in his field.

Dissatisfied with radar technology at the time, he relentlessly pursued developing new radar techniques that culminated in the Orion Series. Never satisfied with the status-quo, he also developed his own solid-state high-power amplifiers and holds numerous patents.

Rick has truly raised the bar with his innovations and his focus on the advancement of RF technologies.  A passionate visionary at heart, Rick continues to drive change in the industry.

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